Aspetuck Solutions is based in the Aspetuck Valley region of Weston, CT, a suburb of New York City. But it also has historic meaning.

Aspetuck is an Indian name that when translated means "river originating at the high place." The name was given to Indian members of the Unkowa clan of the Paugussett tribe.

The ancestors of the Paugussetts lived in the local area for many centuries, having first come to this part of Connecticut thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans. This area of Connecticut is very hilly with plenty of streams and rivers.

so·lu·tion [ séløosh’n ]
Way of resolving difficulty: a method of successfully dealing with a problem or difficulty.

Much like the river, successful businesses all have one thing in common: good business practices emanate at the top of an organization and flow downward.

At Aspetuck Solutions, we apply a ‘blueprint’ of proven sales processes to successfully identify and deploy products to serve our customers with excellence.